Privacy Policy

It is our legal responsibility to provide our privacy policies to the public as many of our viewers do not spend much time in reading the same Nevertheless we aim to provide all information’s in simple English language without any kind of ambiguity.

This is our privacy notice. We have to have one of these to explain how we comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) and to tell you what we do with the information we collect about you when you visit our site.

To comply with the law, we need to let you know that our data controller (which is the company that makes decisions about what to do with your personal data) is Johns Law Partners Limited with company registration number 12821948. Our registered business address is Johns Law Partners Limited, 130 Old Street London EC1V9BD. We are registered with Solicitors Regulation Authority as a not regulated legal entity under Registration No 807651, We are are providing legal services other than the reserved legal activities.

Information we collect about you

If you come onto our website and submit a form or email us, we will keep the information that you give us so that we can email you back. If you proved any sensitive information, we will use our best judgement to decide to keep the information and if we decide to retain the information we will notify you and obtain further consent other than your name, address and contact details. The only reason we need this information is so that we can write back to you or call you if you want us to. It would be rude to ignore you after all and if we never got back to anyone, we wouldn’t have a business.

We also collect technical data about you like IP addresses. To many peoples’ dismay, data protection law says that these are actually considered to be personal data. We use Google Analytics and for that to work, we need to collect your IP address. The reason we use analytics is primarily to find out if anyone comes to visit our website and whether all our efforts to write about clever stuff is going to waste. We also want to know what you’re interested in so we can write more of the stuff you like.

Our website is hosted on PHP so your IP address will also be stored in its back-end when you visit us. To be honest, we don’t do anything with that information (we’re lawyers, not data scientists remember?) but if we wanted to we could see that a person or many people have interacted with the website in a specific way.

How we use this Information

We will use the info you give us to:

- Let you know when we make changes to our services.
- Manage our site and for our internal ops, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and to put pretty reports together for our monthly meetings where we get croissants.
- Make our site better and make sure that what’s on our site is presented in the most effective way for you and for your computer or phone.
- Let you take part in interactive features of our site, like making snarky comments on our blogs for example.
- Market to you through third-parties, like social media platforms, so we you can see all the wonderful things we have on offer.
- Keep our site safe and secure. We believe we have a legitimate interest to use your data to manage, improve and keep our site safe, as well to understand how you use our site.

We only use your data for direct marketing if you give us your consent or if you qualify for soft opt-in. You can withdraw your consen t at any time, just get in touch at the contract details we’ve provided below.

Data Storage Information

Our staff are in the UK so your data is kept here but for IT hosting and maintenance your data will be stored on servers that are in the European Union and the US because we use PHP. Your data might also be stored in the US by a third party partner listed above. We’ve meticulously read all the privacy policies of all the companies we use.

Sharing information about your data

We need to share your data with some third-parties so that we can run our business (look, we’re not going to create our own search engine). The types of third-parties we share your personal data with include:

- Operational software providers, you know – Google Drive and the like.
- CRM providers, so we can market to you about our wonderful services.
- Our website host, because that’s how we show you this top class content.
- Analytic and search engine providers, so we can keep our site (yes, this one) tip-top.
- With other people and organisations when the law says we don’t have a choice (soz).

We don’t share your data with anyone else without telling you and we definitely don’t sell any data either.

Data Processing Outside EEA

If we ever need to share your information with anyone else, we’ll make sure they have similar rules in place to store your data securely and that they comply with the EU Commission’s sassy standards (also known as Standard Contractual Clauses) when it comes to data protection.

How Long we keep the information

We use PHP as our host and usually it will store upto 90 days. Nevertheless we may hold your information as long as the law prescribes otherwise. Also if we send any marketing emails you will have the option to unsubscribe the same with the link (Unsubscribe link) provided in the email.

Your Rights – Explained

As a data Subject you have certain rights that you can freely exercise. This means that you can ask us to do any of the following things and if it won’t get us in trouble (remember the UK tax law bit we mentioned earlier?) we’ll have to do it:

- Ask us for a copy
- Ask us to correct it if we have it wrong
- Ask us to delete it
- Ask us to stop or restrict processing it
- Ask us to send it to another company in a sensible way (e.g. not on a floppy disk)
- Withdraw your consent if you’ve given it to us.

If you ask us to do any of the above and we don’t do it right, then we should really be out of a job but you can also complain about us to the Information Commissioner’s Office

For more information or assistance Call us on 0800 002 5229